Mortalis IP:

What we currently need...

  •     $50 per month
  • Dedicated IP: Additional $3 per month
  • Domains ('' and IP: '') $5 per month
  • Upgraded Website: Can edit custom html/css and it has a TON more $10 per month
  • Plugins we get custom-coded or bought: Totaling to about $5 per month
  • Free forums
  • Low on staff
  • OPTIONAL: Weird crashes that icheesy will be fixing... well icheesy will hire a technician if icheesy gets enough money ($15) 
TOTAL FOR EVERYTHING: $73 (optional: $88)
NEEDED FOR THE SERVER: $58 ($50 + $3 + $5)

CURRENT: $0.01

If you want to donate with a credit card, click me.

If you want to donate without a credit card, click me.

It does not matter how small or large you donate. It's the thought that counts. Lol, and if you're thinking of the rewards you can get, it can range from creative-for-a-(minute, hour, day), spawned items, plots, and more.

But overall, you are supporting our server and making it possible for us to keep our server up!

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