NAME: FFAFreeForAll, or anything else.

  1. - Cannot join freeforall game in progress
  2. 1 arena
  3. - Player's inventory will be cleared when they join
  4. 2 countdowns:
  5. (1) Countdown from X seconds. X can be defined in the config or with a command. Every 10 seconds will be broadcastedSo if I set countdown from 60, players would hear 60...50...40...30...20..10..0 before the FFA game initiates.
  6. (2) There must be 2+ people in the lounge to start. everyone gets teleported to the spawnpoints (/ffa spawn#). From there, everone is frozen for 5 seconds. Also, those 5 seconds are broadcasted.. so they would hear 5 4 3 2 1 before they can move.
  7. - If a player dieslogs out, or types /quit, their inventory is cleared (regardless if they are online or offline) and they are teleported to the warp: /ffa quitter
  8. - If a player wins, they run a command: /givemediamonds
  • /ffa create = Creates an arena database. Also makes a config for that arenaname
  • /ffa delete = Removes arena database and config
  • /ffa lounge = Sets a warp to people when they type /join. Countdown also starts.
  • /ffa spawn(#) = When the arena starts, each person is teleported to a different spawn number. 5 second countdown and freeze also starts too. Right now, I only need like 50 spawns.
  • /ffa quitter = Sets warp when someone /quits, logs out, or dies in the arena.
  • /join = Joins arena (starts X countdown). Cannot join when a game is still going on. Teleports you to the arena's lounge.
  • /quit = Quits from current joined arena..
- ffa.admin all the /ffa commands

- ffa child = /quit and /join mj

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